Thursday, July 05, 2007

10th Birthday & 4th of July

I took Tuesday off of work to celebrate Matthew's birthday. It was his birthday wish that I take the day off. We did some running around: grocery shopping, trip to Blockbuster, and the library to renew his Harry Potter book.

Matthew decided to have a Snicker's cake instead of an everyday birthday cake. We accidentally bought trick candles. My house was filled with smoke after the second time he attempted to blow them out. He was determined to blow them all out and tried four times. After that, we had to open the front door. Trying to let the smoke out, we let the rain in. Sigh. It's over. Here are some pictures:

Then to celebrate 4th of July, we participated in a parade, and did sparklers at home. Here are some photos of the sparklers:

PS - Mom, if you read this, I've been trying to email you - but they keep getting returned as undeliverable. How did the Father's Day cups work out?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Closing Ceremonies

Matthew's closing ceremonies for baseball happened over the weekend. Regrettably, the ceremonies were postponed 5 or 6 different times. The coach was out of town, and the assistants failed to notify the parents. I was really iritated that the assistant coaches didn't even show up. Only four kids were there. I have attached the photos. One of the other parents stepped in and acted as assistant coach, and I accepted the trophies on behalf of the other kids. Now it's my responsibility to make sure the actual coach gets them, and he's not returning my calls. I thought it was the heat and humidity that was making this situation more aggrivating. I would hate to think that the coaches just dropped the kids at the end of the season.

4th of July / Birthday Preparations

I was recently given a George Foreman grill. I have got to say - it's one of the neatest things I've used in a long time. It comes on it's own stand and all. Looks like a regular outdoor grill.

I started thinking - what a great item to have since hurricane season is here. After setting it up, I then realized.... it's electric. I couldn't help but to laugh.

Yesterday, I was talking to Matthew. We were talking about what he would like for his birthday. He said to me "I would like for you to take a day off of work." I told him that I could make that happen. Just before dinner, he asked me if I actually took the day off. I replied that I had. He said to me "I was just making sure, since you have short term memory loss."
Out of the mouths of babes.

4th of July is quickly approaching. I was going through some boxes I packed about a year ago and came across 25 boxes of sparklers and about 8 boxes of pop-it things. Since we are not a big fan of fireworks, these will do just fine. I think we may just sit outside on the porch to watch the sky around us.

I hope you all enjoy a fantastic 4th.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sitting Still....

Last night, I told Matthew that he needed a hair cut. Since I am the only one who cuts Matthew's hair, he knows the rules... sit still.

As an example to all of those children who choose to cry, complain and fuss about getting a hair cut, this is what the end result is:

Just kidding. He actually wanted it like this. Said he wanted to be like his Uncle John. I told him that if this was the way he wanted it done, he could probably cut it himself. LOL

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I Found...

Two days ago, I came home to find Matthew in the bathroom with the door closed. This was no surprise as I find him in the same assumed position every other day. So I call out "How long are you going to be in there?"
He replies "I don't know".
"Well, how long do you think you will be in there?"
"I don't know."
"Why don't you know?"
"Because I don't, why don't you come in?"
"Did you light a candle or strike a match?" (laughing at this point)
"No, just come in."

Hesitant, I opened the door. And this is what I found:

He had decided to change the toilet seat all on his own. He took out all 10 screws out. When I told him that he should have just taken apart the two plastic ones, he gave up. LOL

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A quick hello...

I was reminded again this morning that I need to update this thing again. I don't have much time as I don't have internet access at home - and I'm not getting any work done while I do this at work.

Here are some new photos that were recently taken.... Hope you enjoy them. They are labeled as follows:

1. Mother's Day Luncheon on the Triumph
2. Tacky Tourist Day at work

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I remembered!

I rememberd that I had to post something new on my way in to work. How about that?! And here I thought I had Alzheimer's. LOL

Nevertheless, I'm super busy at work. But I sent an email to mom requesting status on Uncle Duane. I sent a get well card, but didn't hear anything on how he is doing. Anyone have any news on this? I hope all is okay with him.

Matthew's team (the Oriole's) won last night's game... 9 to 7. For the first three innings they were down by 6, but then I guess the White Sox's pitcher's arm was starting to wear out... our guys walked in for about 7 points. Either way - a win is a win.

Attached is a picture of Matthew's 4th grade class. I presented on behalf of Carnival for Career Day. The kids had a blast.

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, okay - it's aparent that I have Alzheimer's. I need constant reminder that I should update my blog.

I apologize again to everyone as I have forgotten about the blogger site. I seem to be consumed with work and not enough 'down time'.

Matthew is also here at work with me. He is currently on spring break.

Recently, he has taken up a liking for baseball and joined the team in Palm Springs North. I have attached some photos for you.

He also had a major volcano project due. His volcano name is "Arenal". Arenal is located in Costa Rica.

I also thought this picture of my nephew should be added. This is John and Tracy's son, Tyler. He know's how to really jam on a guitar. I could only imagine how the neighbors reacted. LOL

Gotta go for now - work is yelling my name. I hope you enjoy the photos, and that you have a great weekend.