Friday, February 23, 2007

It's been a while...

I apologize to all of those that have been asking about me posting another blog. I had forgotten about this website to be honest with you. After having been reminded by my mom, I realized then that I had also forgotten about my user name and password. (Sigh) - so I hope this blog posts when I save it.

I have recently gotten out of healthcare and joined Carnival Cruise Line. It's a really good company to work for, with benefits that even surprise me.

I know there was a comment or two about my friend's wedding (from a year ago) - I am still very sorry that it's taken me this long to reply. The wedding was beautiful. Since then, four other friends of mine got married. All weddings were amazing.

I guess to really show my lateness - I just sent Tyler (my nephew's) Christmas gift yesterday. I guess it will be like Christmas all over again. In my defense, John still hasn't sent Matthew's. LOL

Matthew recently did the fundraiser for Jump Rope for Heart. He was the top producer for his class. I also asked the P.E. teacher to postpone the due date for him as I learned after the due date that additional funds were scheduled to arrive. The P.E. teacher granted him a few extra days and asked me to thank everyone for contributing.

Since I'm at work now, I might as well get back to business. I will try to keep up with this more frequently. Regrettably, my internet access at home has been having issues and refuses to work for me.

- Amanda -


  • At 27 February, 2007 23:35, Blogger Sean M. said…

    Welcome back! I visited your site on a whim (after linking from your mom's), and found your newest post. Glad to have you back; I know about those Internet issues all too well at home, so blog as you can...

  • At 02 March, 2007 13:06, Blogger cheryl said…

    I'll put a note in my blog that you are back on line. Hope you enjoy everyone elses blogs I sent you.

  • At 04 March, 2007 19:58, Blogger Marcel said…

    Hoo-Ray she's back, now lets see some consistancy in blogging. Glad you have a good job "with benifits".


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