Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, okay - it's aparent that I have Alzheimer's. I need constant reminder that I should update my blog.

I apologize again to everyone as I have forgotten about the blogger site. I seem to be consumed with work and not enough 'down time'.

Matthew is also here at work with me. He is currently on spring break.

Recently, he has taken up a liking for baseball and joined the team in Palm Springs North. I have attached some photos for you.

He also had a major volcano project due. His volcano name is "Arenal". Arenal is located in Costa Rica.

I also thought this picture of my nephew should be added. This is John and Tracy's son, Tyler. He know's how to really jam on a guitar. I could only imagine how the neighbors reacted. LOL

Gotta go for now - work is yelling my name. I hope you enjoy the photos, and that you have a great weekend.